Service Level Agreement

innofield AG guarantees that Data Center HVAC, Data Center Power, Data Center Network and all their Cloud Services will be available 99,9% of the time for a period of six months, excluding scheduled maintenance.

innofield AG contractually guarantees data location in Switzerland. All Cloud Services are built on top of a highly available and secure Cloud Platform, with ISO/IEC 27001 certified data centers in Zurich and Basel.

innofield AG guarantees a reaction from the Help Center Team within max. 2 hours after a Support-Ticket is received. The web-based Ticketing tool is available to all customers 24x7x365 via

innofield AG is characterized by its sense of responsibility for ensuring the quality guaranteed for all services. This is why our entire infrastructure is monitored around the clock (24x7x365). Any malfunctions are automatically and immediately recognized. A technician will respond to each malfunction and take the appropriate action.

If we fail to meet a guaranty stated above, you will be eligible for a credit. Credits will be calculated as a percentage of the fees for the related Cloud Service adversely affected by the failure for the current monthly billing period during which the failure occurred (to be applied at the end of the billing cycle), as follows: 5% of the fees for each additional hour of downtime, up to 100% of the fees.

“Cloud Services fees”
refers to the fees for your Cloud Service for the monthly billing period in which the failure occurred.

“Data Center HVAC”
refers to Data Center Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioninig.

“Data Center Power”
includes UPSs, PDUs and cabling.

“Data Center Network”
refers to the portion of innofield network extending from the network egress point of your Cloud Service to the outbound port of the data center border router.

“Scheduled Maintenance”
refers to maintenance that is announced at least ten business days in advance, and that does not exceed sixty minutes in any calendar month.


You are not entitled to a credit if you are in breach of your services agreement with innofield AG (including your payment obligations to us) until you have cured the breach. You are not entitled to a credit if downtime would not have occurred but for your breach of your agreement with innofield AG or your misuse of innofield’s Cloud Services.

To receive a credit, you must contact us within thirty (30) days following the end of the downtime. You must show that your use of the affected Cloud Service(s) was adversely affected in some way as a result of the downtime to be eligible for the credit.

This Service Level Guaranty is your sole and exclusive remedy for innofield’s Cloud Services unavailability.

Notwithstanding anything in this Service Level Guaranty to the contrary, the maximum total credit for the monthly billing period, including all guaranties, shall not exceed 100% of your fee for that billing period. Credits that would be available but for this limitation will not be carried forward to future billing periods.

This Service Level Guaranty is part of your Agreement with innofield AG, along with innofield’s General Terms and Conditions as with the Usage Guidelines for Cloud Services, and is subject to the terms and conditions stated in those documents.

8002 Zurich, 17. April 2014