26 May Swiss haven for Docker Containers

Two years after the successful start of the first Swiss-based PaaS “Flow App Engine”, on May 26th 2015 innofield AG is launching production-ready Docker Container support.

Flow App Engine, powered by Jelastic software, is an easy to use, highly scalable Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for Java, PHP, Python, Node.js, Ruby applications and Docker Containers.

In addition to many enhancements such as WebSockets and .NET (Beta) support, the underlying infrastructure has been completely modernized and optimized for High-Performance Hosting thanks to the all-SSD storage system. The multi-datacenter based infrastructure (Zurich and Basel) offers the highest security standards, guaranteed availability and integrated Backup + Disaster-Recovery.
“Docker is currently creating a stir and this is completely justified.“, says innofield cofounder Reto Giezendanner. “We are pleased to bring this innovative technology closer to the Swiss developer community. Starting today, our customers are able to deploy and orchestrate any available Docker template using an intuitive Dashboard.”
Flow App Engine is ideal for Developers, Software Agencies, SaaS Vendors and Businesses of all sizes. It is perfectly suited for those wanting to focus on software development instead of time-consuming infrastructure tasks. Thanks to the intuitive Management- Dashboard and features like automatic vertical and horizontal scaling, the complex task of self infrastructure maintenance belongs to the past. Compared with other cloud services, the fees for Flow App Engine are not aligned to the size of the servers in use, they are only billed according consumed resources (Usage-based-Billing).
“When selecting the PaaS various points should be considered. On the one hand, you should be able to change the provider at any time without any Vendor-Lock-in and on the other the administration and configuration should be as simple as possible.“, says Dr. Gert Brettlecker, Technology-Responsible Enterprise Solutions at Ergon Informatik AG. “For example as with Software-stack from Jelastic, the user gets a compact overview and is able to directly manage or upload all configuration files. With little training and expertise a good level of productivity can be quickly reached and maintained.”
Source: – 01/2015

Customers and interested parties can try Flow App Engine free for 14 days without credit card information under
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