16 May Introducing Flow App Engine – Swiss based PaaS

innofield GmbH launches on May 16th 2013 its new cloud service under the name “Flow App Engine”. Flow App Engine, powered by Jelastic, is a highly scalable Platform as a Service (PaaS) for PHP and Java applications.

Flow App Engine is the first real, Swiss-based PaaS service, which contractually guarantees data location in Switzerland. The, on a multi-data-center (Zurich and Basel) based Cloud platform offers the highest security standards, high availability (99.9%) and disaster recovery.

Flow App Engine is ideal for Developers, Software Agencies, SaaS Vendors and Businesses of all sizes. Anyone who wants to reduce development costs and increase deployment efficiency. Codes that need to be adjusted, for example for certain APIs and time-consuming server configurations belong to the past.
“As Platform-as-a-Service is the next big thing for the cloud market, and we truly believe in it, we have been looking for a long time for a solution like Jelastic,” said innofield cofounder Reto Giezendanner. “Jelastic fits perfectly into our concept. It’s the simplest- to-use PaaS out there, and because it’s so intuitive, our customers are able to set up, and even clone their cloud environments in minutes.”
Compared with similar cloud services, the fees for Flow App Engine are not aligned to the size of the servers in use, they are only billed according consumed resources (Usage- based billing). Chargeable resources are RAM & CPU. They are measured in a resource unit called a Cloudlet. A Cloudlet is roughly equivalent to 128 MB RAM and 200Mhz CPU core.
“Switzerland is a very special market known for quality of service and security,” said Jelastic COO Dmitry Sotnikov. “This is why we have seen multiple requests for Jelastic hosting out of Switzerland from both Swiss and international customers. We are happy that Jelastic is now available from one of the most innovative and technical hosting companies in the country – innofield. Our vision is quite simple: Make it easy to host Java and PHP applications from the cloud, with no lock-in, and with availability from multiple hosting companies around the world.”
Customers and interested parties can try Flow App Engine free for 14 days without credit card information under https://flow.ch/appengine.
Download Press release (English)

Download Press release (German)

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