20 Oct Flow App Engine 4.0 – Production-ready Docker Hosting

Flow App Engine, based on Jelastic software, is already an impressive piece of technology, and now it’s even more powerful. Thanks to innovations in release 4.0 you can profit of an unmatched simplicity and scalability when managing Docker Containers.

While other Docker run-time environments require complex VM host cluster management and provide only limited networking and security capabilities, Flow App Engine transforms an entire platform into an easy to manage, elastic Docker host, while delivering enterprise grade networking and security to each Docker container. The new Jelastic Release 4.0 brings significant Docker related improvements, a CLI Client, and a greatly extended Docker-UI for best user experience. Here’s more detail on what was added or improved:

Horizontal Scaling for Docker Containers
One of the most significant features of this release is that Docker containers can now be scaled horizontally, as well as vertically.

UI Redesign for Better User Experience
The user interface for a Docker container orchestration has been redesigned to be even more intuitive.

Custom Domains for Docker
Added the ability to bind and swap custom domain names to Docker containers for users to update their project and test these changes with zero downtime deployment.

Support of Stateful Containers with Live Migration
Live migration allows to move stateful apps from one hardware region to another without downtime and with no need to restart and re-deploy containers.

Native Virtuozzo OS Template for Docker Containers
Better integration with Virtuozzo technology to improve security and isolation of Docker containers.

Pre-Installation Access to Docker Container Settings
Now developers can browse, edit and apply any necessary changes of environment variables with no need to download the whole Docker image in advance.

Docker Volumes
Volumes are used to securely store the data out of the container, while different internal operations are performed such as redeploy of a container with another tag version.

Docker Container Redeployment
An existing Docker container can be easily updated to a new version with all previously defined settings. Multiple identical Docker containers can be re-deployed sequentially or in parallel.

Auto Redirect of Docker Application Port
Applications inside Docker containers can get the incoming requests via shared load balancing with no need in Public IP.

To view the full list of new features and improvements, please look through the Jelastic 4.0 Release Notes.

Does this sound good to you? Try it out for free and convince yourself why Flow App Engine is the best place to run Docker: https://flow.ch/appengine.

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