innofield AG – Facts


year of founding
in Zurich, Switzerland


percent self-financed
(No investors)



  • We’re a self-financed Swiss company based in Wallisellen (Zurich),
    behind all and Cloud Services.

  • Founded by two Swiss citizens:
    Reto Giezendanner and Bojan Jovanovic.

  • Since we began in 2009, we’ve been on a clear mission to deliver high quality Cloud-Computing services to businesses and individuals around the world.

  • Today, more than 300 companies (including some of the world’s biggest brands) in over 50 countries already trust us and rely on our Cloud Services.

  • Our small yet highly agile team are all fully committed to this company. This makes us flexible and powerful enough for any business.

  • We offer our customers IT solutions that optimize business productivity. We build and manage operational systems that save time and money.

Our Commitments


percent Swiss
and Privacy Assured

  • We will stay innovative! Being inspired by new ideas and new technology is somehow hard-coded into our DNA.

  • We’ll keep the tech-jargon to a minimum and make sure you understand exactly what we’re trying to say each and every time we communicate.

  • We’ll never push you to buy or use technology you’re not comfortable with or don`t need. As your partner in business, we’ll work tirelessly to find products and services that align with your company’s culture and vision.

  • We create value for our customers by providing unique and carefully considered solutions. Our philosophy is product over price.

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Do you like our approach and are you interested in moving to innofield? Our specialists are ready to transfer your data and services to our Swiss-based Cloud Platform. We’ll take care of the complicated tech stuff and make sure everything works. Guaranteed!

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